Last Day

On night 29 of the whole30, I made some killer salmon to go along side some Thai coconut soup with Shrimp.  I didn’t have enough time to go back and slow cook ribs all day as I was at Redemption Group in the afternoon, but the meal was a perfect pair to the rainy cold outside.

Today I am prepping all of my co-workers for my departure to Florida for a vacation…. tomorrow.


I don’t know if I like writing.  It makes me think about when I started this blog and how that was around 30 days ago.  Writing every so often makes me feel like it went by too fast.  I feel like I shouldn’t be 30 days older (although I do feel 30 days wiser).


Personal goals for my vacation:

Don’t eat too much bread, dairy, grains or legumes that I make my stomach sick. Or sugar.  Man, that sugar is in everything.

See a friends show.

Read. Read all the books.

Paint my toe nails.

Run to the beach.*

Run on the beach.

Sit on the beach. 

Lay on the beach.

Kiss on the beach.

Watch the sunset on the beach.

Be the beach.

          *Do not forget to apply sunblock on the beach.


Forgive me if I don’t blog one bit.



The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. He makes me lie down in green pastures.

He leads me beside still waters. He restores my soul.  He leads me in paths of righteousness 

for his name’s sake.

                                             Psalm 23: 1-3


The end is near…

… but I feel like we’re really getting in the swang of thangs.

This week we had some pretty killer meals.  My favorite so far was the Cajun Spiced Porgy Fish (I modified this recipe of course – replacing the flour with coconut flour and the breadcrumbs with flaxseed).  It turned out amazing especially when served with this Thai coconut soup, a freshly sliced mango and some lime to come along side and add a little citrus-y kick.  Image

Also, don’t even get me started on how good this Mexican Braised Beef was.  I didn’t roast it in the oven, just boiled on the stove — and it was unreal.  We made the plantain tortillas again (much easier to work with when the concoction is cold instead of room temperature) and they über tasty with all of the toppings. The radishes (another food I never have in the house but have come to really appreciate) raised the bar texturally.  The spice was spot on and I can’t wait to put this regularly into our repertoire.


Yes, I still miss having a baguette with squishy, stinky cheese and a glass of red wine.  But I don’t miss the feeling of stuffing myself so extremely full.  I don’t miss feeling like a huge glutton at the end of the day.  I don’t miss figuring out lunch 2 minutes after I should have left for work. I don’t miss eating sugar at my desk and then crashing at 3pm because I am out of energy.  I do not miss that.

I enjoy seeing God’s creation of flavor and texture in ways I haven’t experienced before.  I enjoy knowing my new favorite vegetable is a Zucchini even if I still have trouble remembering how to spell it (thank you, red underline).  I enjoy knowing what I am putting in my body and what hands (recently washed) worked to make it and knowing that if I go out to eat, I don’t need to spend the least amount of money on the most amount of food.  My perspective has changed.

I don’t want to be one who “lived on the earth in luxury and in self-indulgence… fatten{ing my} heart in a day of slaughter.”

I want to be one who “is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, open to reason, full of mercy and good fruits, impartial and sincere.”

It finally feels like I have a better idea of what it looks like to tame my body, my cravings, to change my habits.  It is a long hard road for this sinful lady, but one that will bear fruit and joy. I’m still looking forward to the next 2 days of clean eating and pray that I will have instilled in myself a few good habits that I can continue in discipline.  I will not be a puppet to my appetite. And this blog will not only be about food.

There is Redemption

This weekend was unlike other weekends I’ve had since I’ve started blogging.

Sean, my husband, took over the planning of our Paleo meals and cooking so that I could be away all day on Saturday and most of the afternoon on Sunday in a Redemption Group. It’s a new ministry our church, Apostles NYC, is putting into place.  It’s purpose is to better love, care and serve people in very deep and revealing ways that can’t usually happen in larger groups due to the sensitive subject matter and vulnerability that is expected and encouraged.

It’s not a way to syphon off the “really broken” people.  It’s a way to love the lost and wounded in a tender and loving way – always challenging them to confess, joyfully repent and believe in their great Healer.

There aren’t details I can share as it’s very confidential. We are dealing with dark issues in the past and the present. But I am so thankful for this group of women to walk this road with. Not only to see healing and exhortation in their own lives, but in mine as well. I am not very good at pinpointing small transgressions that I commit everyday, so a bright light into my darkness is needed not only to illuminate the now, but how the little things can affect the future.

I’m in the midst of figuring out what that looks like for me – a sustainable, regular examination of my heart, its longings and its failures.  I don’t get as much time by myself as I used to. Before, Sean’s work schedule was fairly erratic and getting one night together just the two of us was lucky.  I had nights to myself easily once or twice a week. Now that we are on the same schedule, we are able to integrate more regularly into our community group and with our friends in the city on double dates, concerts, basketball games, and birthdays – but that means any extra night is a date night.  Not a me night. 

All good things, things of which I asked and prayed for, but at some point I do need some regular me time.

The schedule of this redemption group is every Sunday for 8 weeks // 3 hours each Sunday.  It’s a good amount of time for us to dig in deep and hear from everyone, but I’m also able to carve out some time before hand to reflect and ask the Lord to reveal to me what I’m chasing.  What I’m trusting in and what I’m counting on.  It’s usually not Him.

This reflection time is good. This time to discuss and seek God with other women is good.  It’s going to be hard. Really, painfully hard.   Regardless, I’m looking forward to it rooting out some deep sin and unbelief in my heart and replacing them with more Jesus.

Let love be genuine. Abhor what is evil; hold fast to what is good. 10 Love one another with brotherly affection. Outdo one another in showing honor.

Romans 12: 9-10

Not so weighty…

Not so weighty...

Not so weighty but so very appreciated and exciting: Sean’s Cooking this weekend.

First of all, this man cooks me breakfast everyday and it is such a blessing. He’s been making my corner-stone two eggs with one yolk over medium with a 1/2 of an avocado. He rotates in sweet potato hash, sausage and banana pancakes on the side, too.

So the pictures you’re seeing?

Prosciutto wrapped asparagus with shredded chicken (Chinese five spice, salt, pepper, etc) and a citrus massaged kale salad with blueberries and apples (one of our faves).

Then a banana blueberry bread with almond and coconut flour, a Cauliflower stir-fyi with peppers, onions, basil, cilantro and an over easy egg on top. Finally you see blueberry banana pancakes make with almond butter and topped with a balsamic reduction and coconut milk. I’ve shown this picture to you before, but we had them so often, I felt like I should include it again.

Not pictured: a plantain and coconut soft serve (what?). I know. I’m looking forward to seeing what else this man comes up with this week.